Monday, February 7, 2011

Exam Weeks~~

I hate EXAM~~

Total 6 papers and now only past 2papers.....still have 4 more to go...(#.#)" suffer suffer suffer!!!!

Tmr paper is Business Law which i really scared i couldn't answer during exam~~



Wish all the best to my friends and me. ^.^

Monday, August 23, 2010

8 more days to go~~

Yeah~7 more days to go to end my internship life....super happy+excited now XDXDXD and going back ktn this friday....hohohoho...

HaPPy HaPPy ~~~~~~

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SB & Rex B'day Celebration@@

Jux done editing the photos tat captured last week 11 August 2010~ siao boon and rex liang punya bday~

We having our dinner(prepared by Mr Fei King)...nyam nyam nyam~~the food was nice^^

After finish our dinner, we rest for awhile (waiting some1 else who r still eating)and chit chat woth the gangs(gossip gossip)~~

~the gangs~

~the ladies~
Standing: Joanne, Michelle, Siau Boon (Bday gal), Lee Yen, Li Ping.
Sitting: Me, Pui Yieng, Pei Qi

ps: pretty girls~~

~sau xing gong & sau xing nui~


Monday, August 16, 2010

~Chinese Valentines Day~

Well~Today is Chinese Valentines Day.^_^ Wish all my friends Happy Valentines and to me as well:)hehehe...hope we go through every moment by holding hands tight^^hehehe~~

I LOVE U, Dear

I told HIM tat i start blogging and he said he wanna see...but he dun have a blogspot account,
So, he go and create a new desperate~~:P

Now, he got an account~hohohohoho


hmmm~~hi every1!!!
This is my first day to start blogging~~^^
Since i dunno everything, so, i ask for help from a pro-- Michelle...hahahaha..
She told me where to find and how to add template to my blog~hehe

Actually...i had this blogspot account for such long time ady...until i saw her (mic) updating her blog...make me kinda 心血来潮 to blog oso~~*grin *grin*grin*

ps: Both of us are in the office now....

Whatever~~we don't care about it anymore~~now ady 5.40 pm...time to go home~~hohoho...
2 more weeks to go....i dun wanna stay here anymore~~~*excited+happy*